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Glen's Story

Before joining forces with Pat, Glen was a successful musical comedian in the national corporate market. He performed over 1,200 shows across the country and into Canada and Mexico.


After finishing his B.S. in guitar and vocal performance, Glen spent 3 years teaching music before his performing career quickly took over his full-time professional calendar.


Glen has sold over 30,000 CD’s of original music and over 100,000 downloads. His music as been featured on the Today Show, Britain's Got Talent, ESPN, and The Golf Channel.


When not on the road, Glen lives with his wife of 30 years and obsesses about fishing, golfing, fitness, the art of guitar and vocal looping, and caring for his two dogs, Gigi and Gypsi. 



Pat's Story

Before joining forces with Glen Everhart, Pat Balder was a veteran frontman and guitarist in successful, national corporate rock bands. Prior to that, Pat was signed to Polygram Records and Publishing where he honed his craft as an original artist, producer, and bandleader. After departing Polygram, Pat built a recording studio and production company through which he independently released 7 CD’s of original music, produced numerous albums for other artists, and wrote and produced corporate and commercial music for the likes of Target, Harley Davidson, 3M, Sun Country and others.


Pat has a B.A. in Music (guitar and vocal performance), and a Master’s degree in Songwriting.


Pat also taught Songwriting and Production courses at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN for 8 years, where he also created the Music Business major and Recording Arts minor.


When not on the road, Pat hangs with his wife and three kids, travels, watches movies, and dreams of a guitar tone with sweet, spongy sustain for days.

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